Easily Convert files / Edit Music , Image and Video Tags Online

Join the world of free, easy, fast and reliable music , png , jpeg , jpg , gif and video tags online editor and Converter.

With our free tag editor you can easily convert, edit, download, view analytics and update your music , image and video files, just upload your mp3 , mp4 , jpg , png , gif files and we will take care of it. You can choose to save your file forever or 10 hours on the server

Personalize Image

Personalize your music , images and video

Yes, it is very easy, with our free online editor you can add a voice tag to mp3 , add watermark to image files and watermark to mp4 Files. Just select the option you want when editing your mp3 , jpg, png , gif and mp4 file and just hit submit that's it

  • Edit mp3 details
  • Add voice tag or voice note to mp3
  • Add watermark to mp4
  • Add watermark to jpg , gif and png
  • Ability to mix the length your voice tag will come in

Convert / Edit multiple files like mp3 , jpg , png , gif and mp4 at once

Mp3tager makes it easy for you to convert multiple files / edit multiple files without stress, all you have to do is to drop or select the files you want to edit, you can edit mp3 jpg, png , gif and mp4 at the same time.


Host Mp3Tager on Your Own Server

Install a copy of Mp3tager on your own server and make your edits directly from your server without making round trips.

Mp3tager makes it easy for you to have your mp3tager installed on your server, you can customize it following our installation guide

See setup guide
easy to use

Easy to use

MP3Tager is easy to use. You don't even need to be registered, it requires just a few clicks.



MP3Tager is very fast when it comes in editing mutiple mp3 or mp4 simultaneously

easy to use


MP3Tager is powered using best hosting for uptime keeping and secure user data's

easy to use


MP3Tager do not host any files but provides way to store files in your own server