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With our free editor you can easily edit or update you music and video tags, just upload your mp3 or mp4 files and we will take care of it.
mp3tager can change mp3 cover art, artist, album, title, year etc, add watermark to mp4 using logo or text, just give it a try .

Want to join two files?

Yes, it is very easy, with our free online editor you can join two mp3 files or add a voice note to your mp3. Just select the option you want when editing your mp3 file and just hit submit that's it :)

Tired from too many steps

We have made editing of your mp3 file to be very easy it takes us 2 clicks to get the job done, just click to upload your music, choose what to do, click to save & download

It is fast

Our processes to make the job done is very easy, you can edit more than 4 mp3 files at a go, too simple and too easy

Easy to Download

With just a simple click you get your updated mp3 or mp4 files downloaded to your mobile phone or Pc, if you edit multiple files, you can download it as zip files for your updated mp3 files. If you don't want want to be in a hurry to download the updated file, we can save it for you using our server storage or your own google drive storage, it's just your choice