Greetings our dear esteemed users and welcome to our Installation Guide. Follow the necessary steps to get mp3tager working on your server. Mp3tager will run on both shared hosting, VPS, dedicated server, offline pc/office pc and WordPress site

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We provide different types of installation, you decide to choose the one best for you. You can install mp3tager using Zip file download, git clone. We provide two types of zip files, fresh installation and update installation. Using Git you can download the latest update by pulling the repository when there is a new update on the repository

    System Requirements:
  • PHP >= 7.3
  • Fileinfo PHP extension enabled
  • mod_rewrite enabled
  • Download Zip

Proceed to Installation

  • Create subdomain or Subfolder in your Cpanel where you will extract the downloaded zip file
  • Extract the files inside the subdomain or subfolder
  • Visit mp3tager to generate api keys Generate Api Keys
  • Visit your new installed tager link eg or mydomain/downloads and login

  • Additional Settings

  • Setup your tager settings to avoid repeating jingles, cover art , site name etc whenever you are editing a file , visit this link to do that Tager Settings

Bonus - .env {store files in main site} Optional

  • Here is for bonus inside the extracted file you will see .env
  • Open .env if you wish to customize your tager a bit further
  • To save your file inside the main domain eg mydomain.come , copy and paste those text inside the .env and remove old TAG_SAVE_PATH=content
  • From .env you can change your tager color and logo

  • Download the update zip file
  • Extract the files inside the subdomain or subfolder

  • Second Option to update your tager

  • You can use simple menu option in your tager , just click on Update Tager to get the job done